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Milanblocks Luxury Leather Bucket Bag

Milanblocks Luxury Leather Bucket Bag

$249.97 USD

Primary Colour

Handle: Silver Glitter Acrylic Circle Handle

Material: Pink is made from suede leather imported from ITALY, Blue is made from Cow Leather, inside lining is 100% twill cotton.

Bag Size: 6" * 6" * 6 6/8"

Fit: Iphone 7, 8, plus, wallet, lipstick, sunglasses, car key and some other small accessories.

Designed In U.S.A

Strap: 45“ silver metal chain which can wear together, removable. Both bags strap is burgundy leather and silver tone china combined.

Features: we have three ways to wear this bag.

1: hand with your handle directly

2: remove one chain, hook directly on the metal circle and then you can either cross body or wear on one shoulder.

3: hang your strap on the circle directly. wear any style you want!

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