About Us

About us

We at bonpriv (pronounced: Bon-Preev) are a Global designer brand specialising in "Unique" High Quality Apparel, fashion accessories and Homeware. First of all you may wonder what BONPRIV actually means? well let us explain "Bon" is French for "Good" and "Priv" is an abreviation for "Privilege" or "Privileged"


Our company ethos is strongly focused around “Unique”and individual Fashion and Trend centric nieches rather than what is mass produced or accepted as the fashion norm for that particular season or accepted trend. Our brand works for those people who desire to stand out from the crowd are not looking to just be another individual in the mix so our mission is to tirelessly work to bring you brands and products that actually get you noticed be it that signiture dress or that fashion accessory which will make you feel good and Truly stand out.


We work with some of the finest Fashion brands, Suppliers and Product designers in the world to truly bring you the finest goods from Countries like Italy to Germany, France, U.K and the U.S and Australia and always strive to bring you the best locally designed, produced and supplied rather than sourcing from third world countries which is often a result of cheap labour and human rights violations and as a direct consquence also resulting in inferior quality products.


We aim to grow and continually improve our brand and strive to produce and supply Quality fashion products so hope you will stand by us and follow our journey.